Window Whizz - Guaranteed to change the way you clean!

Window Whizz: The easiest way to wash your windows

Remember washing windows as a kid, spraying the windows with cleaner, wandering back to the kitchen to ask your mom for paper towels, drawing pictures in the streaks left behind, skipping some of the panes to see if anyone would notice? Now that you’re a grown up, you want your windows to sparkle the instant you wash them, no streaks, no stray fibers from paper towels, no two-handed cleaning. Window Whizz
makes window washing fun again while giving you the quick cleaning satisfaction you want as an adult!

Window Whizz cuts your cleaning time in half by bringing the wiping and squeegee system to the bottle. You no longer need one hand to spray, one hand to wipe, and an elbow to hold the roll of paper towels. Window Whizz turns it all into a one-handed system that saves you time and energy. Holding the bottle in one hand, you can spray, wipe, and squeegee your windows to transparent perfection. The super-
absorbent pads capture residue left on surfaces and leave your windows cleaner and drier.

How the amazing Window Whizz transforms your cleaning experience

Window Whizz is a cleaning pad and spray bottle attachment system that transforms any spray bottle into a combination spray and wipe machine. You simply snap on the Window Whizz attachment, slip-on the machine washable microfiber pad, and get to work. Aim the spray bottle as normal and cover the surface with cleaner. Then tilt the bottle forward and use the attached pad to wipe the surface clean. The thin edge
of the wipe pad can be used to reach deep into corners and edges and the pop-up squeegee smoothes out excess cleaning solution, leaving your windows perfectly clean and clear. While you are cleaning with one hand, you can be talking, texting, or even snacking with the other.

Reusable, machine washable microfiber pads give your windows beautiful shine

Window Whizz’s unique microfiber pads prevent streaks and smears. Since the three included pads are machine washable, you can reuse them time and again without worrying about running out. Paper towels pull apart as they get damp, leave fibers on your surfaces, and have to be replaced continuously. Window Whizz uses microfiber pads which are more cost-effective and better for the environment.

Window Whizz makes multiple cleaning duties fast and easy

The Window Whizz attaches to any spray bottle, so you can use it with any cleaning solution. Window Whizz works great for car windows, wood cabinets, tabletops and counters, just about any surface you need to clean! Enjoy the freedom of having one hand available to lift and move precious objects on your surfaces while the Window Whizz in your other hand helps you clean under and around them. The spring-
loaded flexible neck fits awkward angles and adjusts as you move.

What you get when you order:

Your $10 order comes with one Window Whizz attachment and three microfiber pads. When you make your purchase now, Window Whizz will give you an additional Flat screen pad, specially calibrated to protect your flat screen’s delicate surface.

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